Our guest today is Ross Pollack of Lionsgate who has released some of the top movies in the industry such as John wick, The Lincoln Lawyer, La La Land, and The Hunger Games.


Ross Pollack is a former Sony Pictures exec who also served as CEO of Hong-Kong based Celestial Pictures. He is currently the EVP & Chief Human Resources Officer at Lionsgate and is an experienced media executive with extensive global expertise in filmed content licensing, digital media creation & exploitation, business development and operations.

His specialties include TV & Film Distribution, Sales, Licensing, Media, Digital, CEO, Human Resources, Management, Asian expertise, Japan & Japanese language experience, Chinese language & China media experience, Transmedia Exploitation, Company Restructuring, Mobile Content Distribution, Filmed Content Production, Production, Channels Development

We discuss how entrepreneurs can navigate these difficult times and how employees of corporations can better climb the corporate ladder. We also discuss the movie industry and how to make your way through a successful and well appointed career in entertainment & film.

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