What is Made for the Moment?

what you need to know about us

Change the World

Revealing truth in a fuzzy world
Made for the Moment is a show centered around the concept of revealing truth in a fuzzy world. Jason Dodier of Alpha Struxure and Jaret Grossman of Jarbly LLC, come together to describe the worldthrough unique topics of interest regarding the business landscape and political environment, and how individuals can best navigate through it.

The show features captivating guests from a variety of industries to understand what people want from a wide variety of concepts and sectors to sift for the truth ina confusing world with attention being diverted in multiple places from a lot of not-so-innocent parties.

Our Agenda

Made for the Moment is Designed to Change Business & Politics

Our goal is to empower people through the arms of business and politics, to help constituents, businesses, and lawmakers implement arms, vehicles, organizations, and laws that match some of the following concepts we and the people at large would like to see implemented.

  • Assist big corporations to allow for employees to more easily climb the corporate ladder while discussing the benefits of moving toward more employee owned companies.
  • Helping businesses, online platforms, and social media businesses to create more rev-share models and platforms to help content producers and influencers profit more.
  • Allow smaller businesses to thrive and compete with larger organizations by introducing savvy and effective marketing methods.
  • See larger percentages of net worth donated as well as more efforts put forth towards philanthropic efforts from the upper curster millionaires and billionaires towards noble causes.
  • Limit many of the government bureacracies that have caused inefficiencies in the free market.
  • Limit big government’s power and authority over the people including privacy rights being breached, and give more power to the states.
  • Lower the income tax rate for all Americans. All legal citizens should be taxed similar to that of tithing (approx. 10%).
  • Deem a progressive income tax unconstitutional as it is not equal and fair treatment under the law.
  • Eliminate wasteful spending and bloated government contracts and programs exceeding fair market value.
  • Eliminate the capital gains tax. All income shall be taxed at the same rate.
  • Net worth tax. Institute an upper-cruster tax on all individuals earning over $10 million per year or those who have a net worth of $50 million or more. Tax a percentage of their net worth increase from one year to the next. If a net worth tax proves to be difficult, establish an unrealized capital gains tax similar to the income tax rate for upper-crusters.
  • Implement an easier process to become a legal citizen on the books.
  • Institute a VAT tax for all non-US citizens on purchases more than $1,000.
  • Seize all assets from criminals who committed atrocious crimes against humanity. Provide a windfall to any directly affected individuals or businesses. Create a fund whereby the remaining assets are split amongst prison reform, police/firefighters fund, the DEA/Homeland Security, and bolstering education in minority communities while the majority of the money is given back to all legal American citizens through a stimulus package annually.
  • Reduce existing $1.6 trillion in Student debt by treating four parties as responsible. Banks who loaned the money shall reduce their balances by 1/4 from not performing proper credit checks and due diligence when lending, Universities that payments were made to shall pay 1/4 of the Balance for false marketing claims on job placement and earnings that graduates would benefit from as a result of their education or lack thereof, students shall still remain responsible for 1/4 of the balance they took upon themselves to take out, and government shall pay 1/4 of the balance for inflating fair market values of tuition through student loan government programs.
  • Force an immediate liquidation of 10%-15% of the current assets on the books owned by the public sector and public property to provide for an economic surplus. Start with dilapidated properties. 50% shall be given back to the constituents in the form of stimulus checks for overpaying for government waste in year’s past and 50% shall be given towards infrastructure such as broken roads, tunnels, and bridges. Sell the land/assets to private United States buyers at fair market value, appraised by a panel of third party appraisers.
  • Free up the money supply and devalue the US dollar to provide an advantage in foreign trade deals thereby benefitting the US economy.
  • Return the US dollar to an asset backed currency.
  • In the event of a digitization of currency and forced sterilization, provide an incentive of 5%-10% the value of cash that is submitted.
  • Prison reform. Continue to punish low level crime as a deterrent, but create a pathway for prisoners to be released quickly (outside of atrocious crimes such as murder). Implement better conditions for prisons including educators, self-help professionals, and therapists to help rehabilitate prisoners faster.
  • Help build the infrastructure in the Middle East including Iraq, Iran, and the surrounding areas in exchange for oil and labor.
  • Maintain an ally relationship with Israel. Provide financial aid and US military troops to Israel to protect the region. Cut off all funding or trade deals to any country that attacks Israel with a non-provoked pre-emptive attack. Work with Israel to tax Israel 1%-3% of all Israeli citizens in exchange for protection, if they prefer US military troops to aid the Israeli army.
  • Eventually move to a Universal base income for all legal citizens of the state. Each legal citizen shall receive a floor of something along the lines of $25,000-$30,0000 annually to citizens over 18 years of age (match the annual growth rate to the annual GDP % growth per year). Keep a capitalistic society layered on top of it, to incentivize people who want to work hard to do so to increase their standard of living. No caps on the amount of money you can make such as eliminating the existence of billionaires.
  • Ease strain off the backed up legal system and courts. Raise small claims court denominations to $30,000. Allow out-of-state suits to be made in small claims court. Simplify jurisdictional proceedings and allow for attorneys to easily pass state exams to become licensed in states rather than taking complete Bar Exams. Allow an easy, cost effective way for people to defend themselves to suits or claims, by responding to claims online without the intervention of an attorney. Allow an online system to be able to place a suit whereby attorneys can bid and determine if they would like to take on the case or find it frivolous. People will be limited to file claims against people, if too many attorneys vote down a claim or find it to be frivolous.
  • Allow for doctors and dentists to practice in other states without passing complicated medical exams.
  • Break up many monopolies that exist today, and force the sale of any company deemed too big or powerful for any one sector where it is deemed too difficult for anyone to compete in that space, by a panel of non-biased judges with exemplary records. Force private sales for 50% of their assets/departments/divisions and allow companies 18 months to find a private buyer and eliminate any merger between the companies for the future. If they cannot 50% of their company will be forced. In the telecommunications industry or other industries where the infrastructure is deemed too costly to rebuild, allow the new buyer to piggy back off their infrastructure and if there is no company that can afford the price that is asking.
  • Institute a two tiered healthcare system. Provide healthcare for all as a form of universal healthcare for basic healthcare coverage that includes 2 free check-ups per year, and all life threatening conditions covered by all doctors and hospitals. Allow for individuals to purchase additional insurance for non-threatening medical conditions, through private insurance companies to cover treatments not covered in the first tier.
  • Pharmaceutical cleanup. Limitations on the amount of profit markup per drug, but accounting for R&D costs.
  • Institute closed borders and a protection wall, however make for an easier process for people to become American citizens or obtain a work Visa.
  • Open a government portal to fund ideas and projects, where individuals and small and large businesses can present a proposal to more easily receive funding to embark on new projects that the public wants.
  • End the corruption of government contracting jobs going to insiders. Allow more small businesses to bid on jobs easily.
  • Institute Constitutional term limits for all politicians.
  • All political representatives and delegates shall make an annual salary of $500,000 per year (% increase capped at 3% per annum or rate of inflation, whichever is higher). Making money is not the goal or aim of a politician, but to serve the people with good intentions. However, we clearly need to attract better talent to the positions and we want to incentivize politicians properly so they don’t need to look for backdoor ways to make money. it is also expensive to have a second residence in Washington.
  • Institute the same laws for politicians as citizens. No insider trading permissible. Same healthcare protocols. Etc.
  • Federal Abortion mandates. Start with Restrictions for the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Redirect funds to a morning after pill that is effective up until one week. Allow absolute exceptions for sexual crimes.
  • Sustainability and energy. Place a mandate on all automobile manufacturers to seize gasoline powered vehicles by 2026 and switch to electric. All existing gas powered cars produced 2025 and before will be permissible on the road. Requirement for all manufacturers to produce electric vehicles. Funding towards quicker battery powered solutions to charge a car within one hour. Set up adequate electric charging stations throughout each county at public places such as libraries, parks, train stations, malls, etc. Introduce a partnership with the gas stations to have electric charging stations where they will receive government funds for having several charging stations.
  • Rehabilitation Centers for the Homeless – Shelter housing and 12 month program designed to get them a salary – Troubled individuals offered services to clean up trash and help out public construction crews in exchange for housing and food. Sleeping in the street/public parks shall be deemed illegal.
  • Create a disaster relief program to help individuals who experience disasters to their homes and businesses from natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding, etc.
  • Institute metrics that enlighten others on key performance indicators like trustworthiness.
  • Focus on instituting more concepts similar to a resource based economy as opposed to a monetary one.
  • Uncover the true asset base and financial position of America and give it back to the people.