Made for the Moment is a podcast by Jason Dodier of Alpha Struxure and Jaret Grossman of JARBLY discussing world events through unique topics of interest and interesting guests. Our first guest is Joshua Blank of Trend Realty, a Sarasota, FL brokerage that offers 100% commission to its’ agents. Joshua Blank has truly started a unique trend in the real estate industry.

The coronavirus pandemic is upon us with an unprecedented chain of events unfolding over the past weeks as America and the world adjust their lives in a joint effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In our episode of Made for the Moment, we examine the current environment from the perspective of businesses, government, and the private sector, honing in on ways to look for the positive amidst the pandemonium. We discuss how individuals can stay ahead of the curve during these trying times and are joined by Joshua Blank a veteran real estate investor and owner of Trend Realty (Sarasota, FL) who provides valuable guidance and insights into the economy, drawing on his first hand experience from 2000 and 2008. Thank you for tuning in! (This show was pre-recorded so forgive any factual references that were disclosed before today’s date. Thank you.). Made for the Moment is Brought to you by JARBLY – Web & Mobile App Development Brand

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