feat. Jason Dodier and Jaret Grossman

Jason Dodier of Alpha Struxure and Jaret Grossman of JARBLY have developed an ecosystem to try to transform media, business, and politics. How? Release unbiased information and develop technology designed to cause disruptions in industries typically run by people who don't necessarily have the people's best interests at heart. Tune in to a podcast designed to enlighten people about truths of the world through various topics of interest and riveting guests that make up titans of business, news, politics, wellness, and the world of entertainment, and support the message, ventures and guests who are rapidly transforming the world. Join Made for the Moment and the movement that's about to be created.

Our fundamental goal is to transform business, the media, and politics by discussing various issues and dilemmas that we as a society face and provide practical, pragmatic solutions through conversations with titans of industry and average men and women of society who understand the principles America & the American dream was founded upon.

Episode 1

Coronavirus & the Economic Impact

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Episode 5

Entrepreneurship, Corporate Ladder & Hollywood

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We Provide Breaking News & Analysis through Interesting Conversations with Everyday People.

The Mainstream Media is not necessarily your friend. A few players control practically all the content you consume. We're here to change people's views on how to conduct Business, Politics, and Media Coverage.

Episode 4

Exercise, Marketing & Entertainment

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