Made for the Moment is a podcast by Jason Dodier of Alpha Struxure and Jaret Grossman of JARBLY discussing world events through unique topics of interest and interesting guests. Our guest today is Chuck Brooks is a global cybersecurity expert who is rated one of the Top 5 technology experts to follow on LinkedIn with over 59k followers and is also a Forbes contributor.

Chuck Brooks achievements include:

*Named by Thomson Reuters as Top 50 Social Influencers in Risk & Compliance
* Named by IFSEC as #2 Global Cybersecurity Influencers Two-time presidential appointee
*Named Top Person To Follow on Tech by LinkedIn. Thought Leader, Influencer, Brand Ambassador.
*Adjunct Faculty at Georgetown University. Former Adjunct Faculty Johns Hopkins
* Marketing, Government Relations, Business Development, Strategic Partnerships, Corporate Growth Strategist
* Blogger and event speaker for AT&T, IBM, Blackberry/Cylance, Xerox, General Dynamics, Tripwire, others
*Received Presidential Appointments for Executive Service by two U.S. Presidents
*Helped “stand up” Office of Legislative at DHS. Served as first Director of Legislative Affairs at the DHS Science & Technology Directorate
*Served as Senior Legislative Staff (foreign affairs, security, tech) to Senator Arlen Specter, U.S. Senate
*Named Cybersecurity Marketer of the Year and Top Cybersecurity SME to Follow
* Contributor to FORBES on Technology and Cybersecurity topics
* Former Technology Partner Advisor at Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation *EC-Council Global Advisory Board
* MIT Technology Review Advisory Panelist
* Cyber Start Up Observatory Hall of Fame
* Program Chair Quantum Security Alliance
* Judge Homeland Security Awards
* Advisory Boards (Cybersecurity, Emerging Technology, Risk Management)
* Project Management, and Marketing Certifications
* Former Auxiliary Police Officer The coronavirus pandemic is upon us with an unprecedented chain of events unfolding over the past weeks as America and the world adjust their lives in a joint effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

In our episode of Made for the Moment, we examine the current environment from the perspective of businesses, government, and the private sector, honing in on ways to look for the positive amidst the pandemonium. We discuss Facebook and YouTube pulling content related around certain topics and whether that is a free speech concern. We also shed light on privacy concerns and data infringement, and what people should be fearful and do in response to data breaches and technology.

Thank you for tuning in to Made for the Moment!

(This show was pre-recorded so forgive any factual references that were disclosed before today’s date. Thank you.).

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